Who we are?

Ymirheim is a community-driven project aimed to resurrect an unfinished MMORPG “Ragnarok Online 2: The Gate of the World”, the creators of which could not complete the project. We believe in the bright future of this game and we're going to complete it on our own, even without the support of the original developers.

Original creators of the game, Korean company Gravity, have made several attempts to make a sequel to their cult game “Ragnarok Online”. However, all these attempts have failed.

Development of Ragnarok Online 2: The Gate of the World was discontinued during the open beta stage. The next version of the game, Ragnarok Online 2: Legend of the Second, failed to gain popularity and most of the servers were closed not long after they left the beta testing stage.

But we are not going to give up. We are creating a completely independent mod for Ragnarok Online 2: The Gate of the World that touches every aspect of the game, making it better, bigger, and more enjoyable.

Come join us and let's create our perfect world together!

What are we doing?

Our mod complements and improves the game, making it really fun and interesting. Since the creators of the game have completely stopped the development, we don't have to keep up with them, constantly adjusting to new versions, we can change the game as we wish.

What can you expect in the end?

Preservation of the original game's spirit

Colorful atmospheric world, wonderful soundtrack, dual-mode combat system, multiclass system and much more ... We keep the good ideas of the original game. We complement and improve all those little things that made the game so special.

Large dynamic game world

We are constantly adding new game locations and their inhabitants, as well as expanding and improving already existing locations. This process will not stop after the release. The world of the game will live its own life and develop, without stopping for a minute.

Interesting story

Detailed global story of the game combined with many exciting independent story lines won't let you get bored.

Combat system

A new unique character development system, new class system with many possible directions of development for each class, the ability to mix several classes in one... All this will allow you to perfectly customize the character for yourself.

Character customization

New equipment, dyes, decorations... Our custom content will allow you to create a unique look for your character.

New possibilities

Guilds, PvP and WoE, harvesting and craft, pets, and much more await you.

Modern server engine

A distributed server engine developed from scratch specifically for our project is capable of supporting a large number of simultaneously playing users.

Full localization

Our version of the game is being initially developed in Russian and then manually localized into other languages. You will no longer see meaningless texts translated automatically.

Bug fixes and support

The original developers of the game have left a huge number of bugs and shortcomings, which we are constantly fixing to make it pleasant for users to play.

Why RO2:GotW?

Ragnarok Online 2: The Gate of the World is a strikingly atmospheric game with a unique art style.

There are two completely different genres coexist in the game in harmony: fantasy and steampunk. Wizards in magic robes walk the iron city, smelling of rust and machine oil. Warriors with steam guns feel great in a dense forest, where enchanted stones and plants are found at every step.

Fans of Ragnarok Online will appreciate the extensive possibilities of self-expression: a huge amount of special animated expressions for the character, a large number of beautiful equipment and, of course, a myriad of different hats!

The world of Ragnarok Online 2: The Gate of the World lives its own life, not stopping for a minute. Colorful sunsets give way to beautiful sunrises, monsters in the dungeons fight each other for territory, and NPCs live their own lives and go to visit each other.

Soundtrack for Ragnarok Online 2 was written by Yoko Kanno, a famous composer, best known for her work on the soundtracks of anime films and television series, such as “Cowboy Bebop”, “Ghost in the Shell”, and many other masterpieces. She has written over 90 nice and unobtrusive songs for the game.

The game contains a large number of innovations that are rarely found in other games. Starting from the development of weapons in parallel with the character and up to the ability of loving couples to lie on the lap of their partner.

Most importantly, Ragnarok Online 2: The Gate of the World has a wonderful and friendly community of players who are interested in the game and who continue to believe in its bright future.

Support our project!

We are not a commercial organization, we do not charge money for our work. And we've gathered here to gain valuable experience and knowledge, find like-minded people or just work on a project that we like and enjoy.

However, servers cost money and sometimes we can't do all the work on our own.

You can help us by supporting us on Patreon.

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In return, you can gain access to the project's behind-the-scenes information, participate in closed testing, or even influence the development process. All the funds raised will go to the further development of our project.